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Electrical Transmission Line Design

  • Electrical Transmission Lines

  • Extensive experience designing, construction support, asset management and maintenance of electrical transmission lines.

  • PLS-CAD, PLS-Tower software to design transmission lines.

  • Optimization of transmission line foundations, structures, conductors, and support locations

  • Corrosion assessment and required refurbishment of transmission lines.

  • Refurbishment of transmission lines with Fiber Reinforced Polymer composite structural elements.

  • Engineering for transmission live line, energized maintenance (bare hand) work

  • Electro Magnetic Field assessment around transmission lines



Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

  • Artificial Intelligence applications for various work environments.

  • Cognitive system support for projects

  • Robotic systems for various applications.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle applications for transmission lines

  • Neuroscience, psychology, and food sciences applications for improving team and organization performance

  • Brain and food connection

  • Cognition in Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Live Line Maintenance

  • Live line maintenance engineering assistance

  • Catenary calculations for live line work

  • Induction computations for live line work

  • Lifting point designation and assessments

  • Forensic structural analysis


Utility Corrosion Protection

  • Corrosion assessment of wood, concrete and steel structures

  • Remaining life assessment of structural components

  • Recommendations for refurbishment of structures


Emergency Preparedness

  • Earthquake vulnerability assessment of businesses

  • Earthquake vulnerability of critical infrastructure (life lines, transportation)

  • Preparation for business continuity after earthquakes

  • Fire impact on critical infrastructure

  • Forest fire and transmission line interactions

  • Climate change impact on the electrical grid

  • Climate change impact on civil infrastructure



Sensor Development

  • Developing sensor for transmission line monitoring

  • Develop models for transmission line sensor-based input for condition assessment of transmission line components


Substation Design

  • Substation design

  • Substation structural design

  • Seismic assessment of substations

  • Equipment optimization


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